Free Book Download: Our Lenin (1934)

And special BIRTHDAY book club!

Comrades, this is an exciting issue with a few surprises for folks! Namely, tomorrow is my birthday — the day we’re also reading the first chapter of Lenin’s “The State and Revolution.” What better way to celebrate than with Lenin and comrades?

Join us at 2 PM EST on Discord as we listen to "‘Socialism For All’ read the Preface and Chapter 1 aloud.

This next update is really cool! During the summer I was able to get ahold of a first edition copy of the 1934 English print of “Our Lenin,” and I’ve made a video to share it with all of you!

This was made possible thanks to the supporters on Ko-fi! If you’d like to chip in to help inspire the book club and help me continue preserving pieces of labor history, consider supporting on Ko-fi. Huge thanks to Comrade Sky, James, CJ, Grec, Matt, and more!

Like Patreon, Ko-fi allows me to collect money for our work, including the book club, the website, the podcast, the YouTube channel, and more.

See photos and a video tour here:

In solidarity,


Book Club

Read theory! Study like Lenin!

Join us each Monday, Thursday, and Saturday for sections of our Marxist Book Club.

Find a time that meets your schedule.

If the RSVP link does not work, make sure to join the Discord server using the link above.

📙 Saturday - 2 PM New York

7 PM London

21:00 Moscow

State and Revolution - Preface and Chapter 1

📘 Monday - 9 PM New York

2 AM London

4:00 Moscow

State and Revolution - Chapter 2

📕 Thursday - 9 PM New York

2 AM London

4:00 Moscow

Office Hours - time to chat about Marxism and ask questions!


Here’s a tease from Chapter 2 of “The State and Revolution.”

Here’s a takedown of people trying to support capitalists during an imperialist war.


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