The State and Revolution...coming soon!


In this second edition of our newsletter, I am thrilled to present our October book club schedule, designed to ignite your curiosity and inspire deep discussions among fellow revolutionaries.

By popular demand, we have chosen Lenin's seminal work, "The State and Revolution," as our featured reading. With the 106th anniversary of The Great October Socialist Revolution approaching (to be celebrated on November 7), this selection seems especially fitting to commemorate this historic event.

Starting from October 2 and continuing every Monday and Saturday until November 11, we invite you to join us on Discord as we dive into each chapter of "The State and Revolution." While you have the option to preread the chapters, the actual collective engagement will occur as we listen together, as a group, to the audiobook read by Socialism For All. This shared experience will undoubtedly deepen our understanding of Lenin's ideas.

To enrich our discussions and provide a richer context for the material, I will also make available supplementary readings and study guides on our newly established Book Club Study Hub. This platform will be a valuable resource to enhance our comprehension and foster collaborative exploration.

Let us come together to delve into "The State and Revolution" and grasp the essence of Lenin's revolutionary vision. Through collective study, we strengthen ourselves intellectually and pave the way for practically implementing our communist ideals.

In solidarity,


Book Club

Read theory! Study like Lenin!

Join us each Monday, Thursday, and Saturday for sections of our Marxist Book Club.

Find a time that meets your schedule.

If the RSVP link does not work, make sure to join the Discord server using the link above.

📕 Thursday - 9 PM New York

2 AM London

4:00 Moscow

The Revolution Betrayed (Chapter 3)

📙 Saturday - 2 PM New York

7 PM London

21:00 Moscow

Lessons of the Revolution

📘 Monday - 9 PM New York

2 AM London

4:00 Moscow

State and Revolution Pre-Reading

Arts, Music, Communist Culture

🎨 TheWeirdingWay - Comrade Artist

🎥 Summer 2023 - The Protests So Far


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