Book Club Returns Alongside Daily Livestreams

US war with Yemen looms..

Hello, comrades! As we roll into 2024, I’m excited to announce the return of daily political Twitch broadcasts, recapping the latest headlines from a Marxist perspective.

We’re also in our second week of the return of our book club. Join us Saturday at 2 PM New York time and Monday at 9 PM New York time as we read Lenin’s A Caricature of Marxism & Imperialist Economism.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to me on Discord.

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Book Club

Read theory! Study like Lenin!

Join us each Monday, Thursday, and Saturday for sections of our Marxist Book Club.

Find a time that meets your schedule.

If the RSVP link does not work, make sure to join the Discord server using the link above.

📙 Saturday - 2 PM New York

7 PM London

22:00 Moscow

A Caricature of Marxism & Imperialist Economism

📘 Monday - 9 PM New York

2 AM London

5:00 Moscow

A Caricature of Marxism & Imperialist Economism

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